Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the 80s

How y'all doin'? Why do I suddenly type like Paula Deen?

Saturday night was spent celebrating Ms Emily's birthday. Me & Pete got into the city a bit earlier and had some drinks beforehand. We stopped at a cute place called Walker's (RIP Brother's & Sisters) and sat outside to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

I've been craving wine lately and ordered a German Riesling. It was crisp and refreshing!

I had to make sure to order water since I was thirsty from walking around. Note to self: Do not quench thirst with wine.

Then we headed over to a place called Bubby's to enjoy dinner!

Can you see where this nite is headed?

This place uses mostly organic & local ingredients. I love exploring downtown NYC. Even though I'm a native, I'm rarely in this neighborhood.

After dinner we walked down by the water which was 2 blocks away from to check out the sunset.

Velcome to the America!

After dinner, a stop at a bar and a walk by a Delorian (sufficiently 80s themed!) we headed over to Canal Room for an 80s band called Rubix Cube.

It was a fun night of  80s music and dancing!

The next day it was back to the 2010s (what are we calling this decade?) and nurse a hangover relax at home. We finally said goodbye to Duke.

I was wondering if I would be sad or miss his cute face, but 20 minutes before he left he took a dump on my carpet. Time to go!! Sticking with kitties! :)

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