Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inspiration, Goals & Gaga

Its August! (2nd).

Time is flying and 29 is rapidly approaching. I've felt a bit discouraged lately and needed a couple pick me ups the last few days as far as goals. It's funny how when you ask, the universe throws you some signs.

On Friday I stumbled across Janetha's post over at meals & moves called words of wisdom. It has her favorite motivational quote which I immediately fell in love with.

Do something about it. When something is troubling you, make the commitment to change it. Then begin to act on that decision right away. Some of the influences in your life are under your control, and many of those influences are outside your control. Yet you can always decide upon and put into action a positive response to anything.

Don’t sit around being amazed at how miserable you are and at how unfairly life is treating you. Instead, be amazed at how quickly and effectively you can do something about it.

Don’t complain to others about how tough it is for you. Instead, inspire them with your positive and enthusiastic attitude and actions.

When the world feels all wrong, that’s a valuable signal. It’s your way of telling yourself to get going and make a difference.

You have plenty of good options if you’ll simply make the effort to find them. Pick the best one, get busy putting it into action, and take positive control of your world.”

-Ralph Marston

The comment section of this post also has a ton of inspirational & motivational quotes that are favorites of others. Thanks for the inspiration!

I've also been enjoying Julie's new Tuesday segment over at PBfingers.com - Blog Talk Tuesdays where she is bequeathing her tons of blogging knowledge on us!! It's been helpful and interesting to read as someone new to blogging. In the same day (last week) I discovered Tina's own blogging tips over at Carrots 'n Cake. She created a wondefully helpful post that I highly recommend for anyone who blogs and is looking for some pointers. I found these just as I was beginning to get a bit frustrated at being in just the beginning stages of this blog. I know I need to build this up, lots to learn, and put lots of work into it but this info all fell into my lap at just the right time. It reminds me that other people have created successful blogs and that it is a posisbility for me too!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a taping of The View! I was super excited about it because Lady Gaga was co-hosting & performing! Plus The View is just a fun place to go any day! I always love seeing behind the scenes stuff.

Thanks to my friend Karl, me & some friends (Mike, Brandon, Jose & Derrick) were able to get the VIM (Very Important Monsters) treatment and sat super close!

Gaga was cute, fun to listen to during hot topics, and knocked out an amazing performance.

 She is one of my (our) favorite acts and it was so exciting to see her up close!

I've seen Gaga perform a number of times at concerts, benefits & now at a tv show and she never disappoints! It was a great way to start my week. :D


  1. I really like that you added those quotes about flipping your perspective on problems in your life. It's great advice! And Gaga was the bomb.