Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurrican't (See what i did there?)

We made it!! Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene hit NY and it was windy and rainy. Luckily we were all safe. Some trees and tree limbs are down but our little apartment is fine!

There was such an odd energy in the air over the weekend. All channels had 24 hour news coverage and poor reporters were out in the streets and at the beaches. We packed "go bags" with essential papers, clothing, food & toiletries. We even taped up our windows!
Fire extinguishers and toilet paper =  most important

In the end nothing serious happened by us but there is ton of flooding in other areas and people without power. I feel super lucky that ...we .. were lucky! God I need a thesaurus.

Since we were stuck in the house for the most part all weekend, Pete and I did what we do best, respectively.  I laid on the couch knocking out my dvr list lazy, and Pete cooked, baked and cooked.

Pete has this awesome new Cooks Illustrated book that I will have to get the title of. It is mostly all 1 skillet meals with simple ingredients. So far he has made three recipies from it and they have all been amazing.  This weekend he made a ziti with sausage and it was wonderful. We also had tacos (not from the book) and chocolate chip cookie bars.

These were delicious!! Perfectly cooked and sweet. Being stuck in the house really accelerated their consumption ;) Pete also cut the edges of this bake into little bite sized pieces which I personally loved.

Today is "Monday" in my life where I get to start fresh again (thank god the cookie bars are almost gone). Here are some interesting articles about healthy stuff!

  • Get the details on some popular cleanses and a chance to win some products! The Truth About Cleanses
  • This is something I should've read BEFORE hurricane Irene... Home Workout Ideas
  • Ooo and while I was on Fitsugar.com I saw a link for one of my favorite sites Peanut Butter Fingers. Julie has a great recipe for an autumn inspired oatmeal breakfast! I cannot wait for pumpkin flavored everything :D
  • Speaking of pumpkin - today is the day that Pumpkin flavor comes back to Starbucks! And it has also returned to Dunkin Donuts (my personal preference). GET IT! (I don't care that it is still August!!)
  • Lastly- I love a good list! Check out this list of 100 foods that are super for you! Super Foods.


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