Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bacon Times

Hi! How was your Thanksgiving? Pete & I had planned on going to the Macy's Parade which is a favorite of mine, but were up super late baking pies. Yes...we. He is the baker in the family...I mean, professional baker lol. He bakes like its his JOB. Because it is. *ramble ramble* But I made the pecan one. All 3 were tastetastic.

We went to my sister's and she cooked a fabulous and delicious meal that I took no photos of. #Irule. It was a nice day :)

I spent my four day weekend catching up with family and friends, diving into my very own Revenge marathon, reading and going to the gym Friday & Saturday!

Sunday I gathered up some friends and we went out for a boozy brunch! Usually we need no reason to do this, but we had reason to celebrate! Greg & James were back in town! Both are good friends of mine and lived in America for a while, and (for the time being...right guys??) have moved home to Poland & England, respectively.

James, Greg, Me & Emily

It was great to catch up! This also happens to be the same brunch place I went when another great friend, Danni came to visit. She, too, lived stateside for a few years and then went home to England. Who knew I was so globally connected?

It was great to catch up with everyone and I am looking forward to this weekend when I will see the guys again :)

Lots of fun with bacon happened:
need to brush my teeth

She shoots

She scores!.. James scores? I don't know. Everybody wins!

Anybacon, I hope you had a lovely holiday. Now it's time to start decorating for Christmas!

On our way home the other night, Pete and I actually made a u-turn and drove around trying to find this house - it was insane!

Every inch of this place was decorated! There was Christmas music playing and we actually got out of our car to look and take pictures! (We were not the only ones!) It was gorgeous! ..although I sorta feel bad for the people who live across the street! haha. Isn't that a movie?

Well, I can't wait to decorate my own place and show you guys! See ya soon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Most Productive Morning EVER

Hi everybody! Can we pretend it's yesterday? Because I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday and I really wanted to because I was quite the productive Sally.

Happy Monday everyone!! :)  How was your weekend? I awoke on Saturday and while I always want to want to clean, I usually plow through my DVR instead and clean a little here and there, and then make a phone call, clean some more. Not Saturday! Saturday, something came over me. I mean, I was pulling out furniture and mopping everywhere. Boo ya!! (Watch out, I'm in quite a good mood today.)

I was a little bit distracted though, and attempted to take some glamour shots of Peach while I put laundry away. She knows how to find her light.

And Lucy had her darling little paws crossed and this amuses me.
So ladylike

ANYWAY. Sunday was a more relaxed day with Pete. I did manage to squeeze in some yoga which was exciting since I planned to do nothing.
Biggest Loser yoga

But Monday... let me tell you about Monday. A list if you will:
  1. I awoke at 5:35 to move my car before 6am... they are replacing the water pipes in my neighborhood and it is greatly inconveniencing for everyone :p
  2. Since I was up.. might as well hit the gym right? Got there at 6am! Did 40 minutes of cardio. Squee! (PS The walk to the gym and back is 1.2 miles... so that is extra, right??)
  3. Came home, did some dishes. Dishes will never end.
  4. COOKED DINNER *  Now I never cook. And it was an easy enough meal, but still. Cooking dinner for later that night at 7am is not me. But I felt so accomplished!
  5. Showered/make up/blow dried hair.
  6. Made breakfast.
  7. Made lunch.
  8. Went to work. haha
Ok now I'm stretching the list out. But still... this is productive for me! I was very proud.

* I made Penne Rotini with Cherry Tomatoes, White Beans & Olives.

I'm not a fan of mixing pasta shapes, but I had to use what we had!

Easy peasy!

It was a simple enough recipe that turned out pretty tasty. My major road block was that I had to chop olives (I substituted black with green since I loathe black olives) and the olives had pits in them!! Argh.

Here are all my meals. Look, not just breakfast! :)

My salad was super yummy - a mix of romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli slaw, tomato, craisins and a 1/2 an avocado.

I'm so happy this is a short week. My office closes at 1p tomorrow and I am off Friday. Excited for Thanksgiving plans! What are your plans? Peach's plan is to take some time off hatin' on Lucy and to just chill.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Splash of Orange Juice

Hiii ohhh my how this week FLEW! I'm not even sure why or how or what happened. I took minimal pictures as well, which is probably why I wound up not blogging. I love to take photos and then creating a blog around those, and since all pictures this week were of the cats (#catlady) I chose to post nothing. This isn't Unchartered Shelter Cats.

ANYWAY yesterday and today I made some awesome smoothies! Yesterday's was thicker and I'm really not sure why since they were essentially the same.

In the mix:
  • frozen 'naner
  • frozen strawberries (like 5 sliced pieces)
  • frozen pineapple (4 pieces..all that was left!)
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • spash of orange juice  * really makes it tasty!! Hence the title of this post :)
I topped the mixture with chia seeds and chocolate granola. It was really yummy! Look at that- I even broke out a nice placemat for y'all!

They're replacing all the water pipes in my neighborhood, and it's been really fun waking up to machinery noise. :p

The girls don't seem to mind. Speaking of, Lucy is adjusting wonderfully! She's been super shy and she slinks away with a worried look on her face all the time, but in the past week, she has made kitty strides.
The curtain is a fine place to sit.

We've been keeping her in the bathoom overnight and sometimes during the day so that Peach doesn't muder her.
I will murder you with my lasers!!

Lucy has been super sweet in the bathroom and I've taken to calling her Bathroom Cat. As soon as she leaves the room, it was like she forgets who we are and what is going on.

But she is getting better! She is hiding less and very playful. She even comes up to me in rooms now! I'm glad she's becoming well adjusted. Now I just need Peach to be nicer to her. She is....but it's going to be a long time before they're friends. Unchartered Felines.

In other news, I was excited to get my Oprah's Favorite Things O Magazine this month and was delighted to open up to an OOOPPPRAAHHHHH RAAAAAIIINNNNBBOOOOWWWW!

Have you started your holiday shopping  yet? I've bought maybe 3 things, and am a bit stumped on the rest.


Sooo this was from last week - let's see how badly I did:
  1. Blog 3x. Blogged 1x. Oops
  2. Yoga 2x Yoga 1x
  3. Gym 3x Gym 2x
  4. Eat smaller meals wha?
  5. Throw a kick ass brunch for Mom's bday Sunday :) Yea!
Mom's brunch was fun! My sister & her family came down and we all ate tons and tons of carbs and grapes. :) Mom had a blast.

This week!:
  1. Gym 2x
  2. Yoga 2x
  3. Blog 3 god damn times.
  4. Catch up with my bro!
  5. Try not to go insane food-wise during the Thanksgiving holiday next week.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This week, my mother and I were invited to take a set tour of One Life To Live! Now, this was a big deal for us as my mother has been watching for forty plus years and I grew up with the show. I would always watch on and off, follow story lines for a while and then not at all. However, for the last three years, I've been a daily watcher. Thanks DVR! :)

A lovely young production assistant took time out of his day to show us around town.

Now, I do realize it's a television show and not real, but it was still jarring to see the "homes" as sets! When we first came in, we were lucky enough to see Starr & James filming a scene on the steps in Starr's home... its just steps! LOL Like I said...I realize it's a fictional show. It's just odd!
At Bo & Nora's

Outside Victor & Tea's home

Visiting Asa's mansion

My mom & I had a blast and were excited to see & meet some of the actors. We watched a few scenes be properly filmed, and a few be rehearsed.

Afterwards we went up to hair  & makeup & then wardrobe. I was itchin' to be made up and wardrobed, but surprisingly, no one offered. ;) *just kidding, not totally delusional yet*

It was such a fun time! A great big thank you & hug to Karl for hooking us up!!

I feel like lately all I do is soap related stuff. Unchartered Soaps. LOL (Watch out for January when I get tickets for the One Life To Live event like they had for AMC!)

I should really be focusing on what I originally wanted for this blog. Yes, a place to share my life & thoughts, but also, a motivating place where I can talk about goals (and um, hello.. meet some of them maybe? Before I turn 30!.. or ever!)

Soooo lets set some goals for this week!
  1. Blog 3x.
  2. Yoga 2x
  3. Gym 3x
  4. Eat smaller meals
  5. Throw a kick ass brunch for Mom's bday Sunday :)
I need to keep myself on track.

After our trip to Llanview, Mom & I went out for a late lunch. When I arrived home, Pete was cooking up a storm, making the meals for the week. By the time it was all done, I only had a mini appetite so I had a mini plate of meat loaf, mashed sweet potatoes, corn &  broccoli.

Playing with the focus of the camera

Look at all those colors!! Pete's been focusing lately on making more colorful items - veggies etc, to get more nutrients in. Yay! He's also hooked on chia seeds!!

I couldn't resist playing with my food. I am five. I planted broccoli trees and planted corn.

One last note, Peach is getting more used to Lucy, and hissing at her about 33% less! She's still very territorial and angry though, but she'll come around. Lucy is busy exploring her new home, but very skiddish. Any noise and she'll run and hide. Last night however, I was playing with a laser pointer thing that Peach LOVES. So I'm moving the laser around for Peach, who is getting ready to pounce, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, LUCY pounces! LOL Both cats loved it and played together! I hope it was a glimpse of cat love to come!
In the same room! ...Vince don't judge my dishes. You either reader!

The sight of both girls together is hysterical to me as Peach is an over sized lump of 19lbs and Lucy is an undersized *apparently* 2 year old who is 6lbs. She's super tiny. The two look comical together.

OK ill stop babbling about cats! See ya later!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The New Girl

Hey! How was your week? I cant believe it's been an entire week! Time is always flying.

Last Saturday, NY had snow! Lotsa snow. My sister upstate & Pete's sister in Connecticut both lost power :P Here in the city, it was just a yucky, icy and cold day! Pete and I went to a wedding that day and I felt bad for the bride and the shitty weather she had! However, it was still a beautiful ceremony & party.

I never really wear dresses and was unpreparred for wearing a dress during a snow storm.... Brrrr my legs were COLD!! LOL

Sunday, after checking the website & my email, we headed to the Pumpkin Blaze thing, but drove up to a dark parking lot and a state trooper lookin' guy saying "I'm so sorry, we have no power." BOOOP.

I took the day off on Monday to laze around with Pete. We went to lunch at Chili's (#healthy) and afterwards went into a shelter that was in the shopping center.  We often walk by this place later in the evening and they're always closed, so we were both excited to walk in and visit the kitties!

....Sooo... while browsing, we sorta, accidentally adopted a cat. !!!

Meet LUCY!!

Shes a sweet lil 6lb cat. Apparently she's 2 years old but she looks way younger to me. She's a bit shy but super sweet. Peach hates her. Should be fun socializing the two.

I love that Peach is MORE than 3x the size of her hahah! Any tips on bringing a new cat into a home with an existing cat? Wish me luck!