My name is Laura! I've wanted to start a blog forever but was never really sure which direction I wanted it to go. I knew I wanted to discuss pop culture and tv shows but the more I fell into the blog world and read about different people's lives, I realized I wanted to write about my own life as well. I love reading pop culture blogs, fitness & health blogs, personal finance blogs & funny blogs! I hope this site becomes all of those things.

I am recently married to my wonderful husband Pete! We were married in Long Island, NY in September 2010.

We had the best time ever and it was made so special by our awesome friends & families.

We have two crazy cats. Peach is our big 20lb turkey. We've had her since April 2010. She is seriously the sweetest cat ever. She is very social with us and will greet us at the door when we come home, sit next to us while we watch tv, and even sit with us as we eat dinner. And of course, sleeps in the bed too :) She is so lovable.

Lucy is the new girl! We adopted her November 2011. She cracks us up with her inquisitive little face & her playfulness! She is friendly and sweet but is easily spooked. If you pick her up, or startle her, she becomes a nervous farter LOL. But her little face makes up for it!

I love hanging out with my friends

St Thomas Honeymoon!

San Fran


And taking advantage of living in such an awesome city like NYC!

Water Taxi Beach

Shows -  Buble!

TV Tapings (Der)

Baseball games

Pretty Christmas Times