Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last weekend Pete & I wanted to get outside and take advantage of the warm temperatures and explore somewhere new. Pete did a little research and discovered a state park on Long Island called the Caleb Smith State Park Reserve.

Old house on the hill
It was so nice to be outside in the fresh air and to just feel like winter is finally starting to end (even though its barely been that cold this year). Our surroundings were so pretty filled with dead trees, a pond and little random bridges and footpaths everywhere.

This park had a number of different trails, the longest being 3.2 miles. We wandered around mixing and matching different trails and then started getting nervous as the sun sank into the western horizon and all hope was lost... as lost as our two souls were. LOL Nah dawg, it's ok.. we made it out just fine!

This isn't the least bit confusing
Pete is home!

We're a little out of shape
 It was so Peachful peaceful to be outside and one with nature. I kept saying to Pete that I wanted to drive out here and think about my life all the time. I even found the perfect place to do it:
My thinkin' stump

I really enjoyed our day out together! I always love spending time with the hubby :) <3 Mushy mush mush :D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cupcake Wine

So I am totally failing at my "Blog 10 Times A Month" goal from 2012. Sorry. I will make more of an effort!

How are you? What's been goin' on? I've been working, doing yoga and loving the cats.

"I think I'll try defying gravity"
Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Memphis for the first time. I was super excited to attend because one of my faves, Adam Pascal was in it!

la la la
Pete & I had fun at the show! I think it's an all around entertaining show to see if you're in town. I'm super excited about all the new stuff opening this season. I love living in NYC!
(Thank you thank you Karl for the tix!:)

Over the weekend I went to Patrick's since that is now the hottest club in town. It's a place in trendy Hoboken, where my name is always on the list! I brought a bottle of Cupcake Shiraz with me. No.. it's not cupcake flavored, but it sure is yummy!

I haven't had wine in a while! My faves are Shiraz & Riesling.

Look! People live in their cabinets!

Afterwards we met up with Mike and had some drinks. We always have a good time hanging out :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


Friday rants!!
  • Look what I finally found at Target!! I've tried the Blood Orange so far and it is delicious!
I cant wait to try the apple cinnamon! PLUS I tweeted Chobani about blood orange being my new fave and they tweeted me back!
I thought this was pretty cool!!

  • My twitter handle changed... I've always had my private one, and my "Unchartered" one...but I think I just want to be me. So, follow me & tweet me! @LauLugo9
  • Look what ELSE I found in Target
        uh oh...
      • This morning I was running late and had to eat my oatmeal at my desk. How attractive and yummy does this look? :p

      This and a banana did the job. (Twss).
      • Jonah Hill looks odd at all weights.
      • Cake!
      • And look at who is getting along 24% of the time! Yay!

      Ugh, I hate skinny people watching me eat
      That's ma rant!! Have a nice weekend!

      Wednesday, February 15, 2012

      Cashew Butter! ....Bless you!

      A few weeks ago, I used a Groupon to a place called Elm Heath, a natural foods/grocery store. I had purchased one of these before, and while I thought they were really expensive, (higher priced than Whole Foods) I still felt I was able to get a good deal with the extra money the Groupon provided.

      When it popped up on Groupon again I grabbed it, not realizing the location was different! This one was in the convenient location of 1st & 80th which is near no trains. Ah well. Getting exercise to get healthy food!

      This time around I only picked up chia seeds, almond milk, pistachios and some packets of nut butters! I was super excited to find the packets because sometimes you don't want to commit to a $15 jar of something you're not sure you'll like!

      That was a lot of babbling to get to my pretty breakfast! One of the packets I bought was cashew butter!  When I first tasted it, I thought... this tastes exactly as you think it would....sort of creamy cashews. Not sweet or anything. It seemed fine.

      THEN I added bananas and *lightbulb* some honey. Holy moly!! This was SO darn delicious!!

      Of course, I sprinkled chia seeds on top.

      I will definitely be picking up a jar o' cashew butter!

      What's you're favorite type of nut butter??

      PS Peach's sleeping positions cracks me up.

      Tuesday, February 14, 2012

      Happy Valentine's Day!

      Happy Valentine's Day!!

      Things I Love:
      My hubby

      Peach & Lucy

      My Family

      My Friends

      Bravo TV

      Chia Seeds

      Seats on the subway...

      And you!
      Happy Valentine's Day!

      Monday, February 6, 2012

      Ramble ramble

      Happy February 6th! Hopefully all of you woke up to a brand new day for the fourth time and are not stuck learning French, playing the piano or generally wooing Andie MacDowell.

      I started February off right and headed to the gym! I did some cardio and was quite proud of myself!

      Although it's already the easiest thing in the world for me, I want  to say that I've fully committed to healthy breakfasts. It's the other meals that I struggle with, but I have to say, starting off the day with something healthy really does get you in the right mind set for the day. All week I've been having oatmeal with banana!

      Today I added a tablespoon of chocolate almond butter MMMMM.

      Nom nom. I also added a tablespoon of chia seeds and had an iced coffee on the side. Peach thought it looked tasty.

      In other news - look at this yellow wrapped subway I took the other day!
      Tropicana shuttle

      Random Link:
      • I got completely stuck on this website the other day. This was where I started: 12 Things Happy People Do Differently, and then I got sucked into all the other links on the side. Some are interesting, some are dumb....all are good as time killers ;)
      Thank you for reading through the ramble post. This concludes the ramble post.