Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mad 4 Chicken

I'm love love lovin' summer berries and fruits. (Are bananas just year round guys? Because I love them too).

I've been enjoying the different flavors of 'naner, strawberry, and blueberries quite often. In fact, I bet you can guess all my breakfasts by now! I also enjoyed 1/2 a banana with pb in the center. I'm not actually a huge pb fan (shh don't tell anyone). I think it's ok, but I like that its a healthy protein that keeps me full for a long time. I'm itchin' to try almond butter & sunflower butter. I want to explore and see if I can find a sample of them though- I'm not ready to commit to an entire (and usually expensive) jar.

Last night Pete and I tried a place called Mad For Chicken. I've been hearing a number of different people rave about this place and decided to check it out for myself!

The place was decorated with lots of different record players that had been deconstructed. The exposed brick and metal tables made for an interesting decor.

I'm currently reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer which is about why he became a vegetarian and his exploration into the treatment of animals in factory farms. It's so eye opening (although I'm still on the fence about eating meat, kinda love it, and don't judge anyone for choosing differently). So I was surprised and found it quite coincidental and appropriate that Mad For Chicken uses chickens that are raised on an all vegetable diet, without antibiotics, growth hormone or artificial flavoring. How convenient!

We started off with a pitcher of Stella Artois. MmM.
No hops were harmed in the production of this beer

We ordered a 12 piece mix of wings and drumsticks and a side of fries.

Look at the leg on the left!!

The items on the menu were a bit pricey, but let me tell you - the "drums" (which are generally my favorite type of wings) were like full legs! HUGE! The wings were super flavorful and less greasy and heavy than traditional wings. They (and the fries) were wonderfully crispy and the sauce had quite a kick to it. I loved how they were cooked. It makes you think if you're gonna have fries and spend the calories, you  might as well have amazingly fresh, crisp & tasty ones like these instead of something that isn't so great.

Afterwards we literally wandered around with no particular destination in mind. We wound up at a divey bar, had a drink and headed home. Fun times! :)

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  1. Not a fan of pb?? OMG how is that possible! Especially as you're a fan of bananas! Bananas and pb are only the best thing ever :)