Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend!

Hey y'all! I took the day off from work yesterday and went to the beach!!  I haven't been to the beach in so long, and was super excited about it. I went with my friends Mike, Brandon & Patrick.

Picture these people in swim trunks.

Oh wait! Brandon just sent me the pictures :D

It was such a relaxing fun day! Brandon was an awesome class mom dad and brought SO many yummy snacks ranging from healthy fruit & veggies to home made rice krispy treats and gourmet popcorn. If it were left to me, I'd just bring 8 different kinds of chips and be proud of the variety. Patrick & Mike brought an assortment of spiked beverages. And me? I brought 1 type of chip & some nuts. OH and Fiber One bars. LOL It was the only snack I had in the house and the chocolate & oat ones are tasty! 

 I need to get back to the beach a few more times this summer. (And use way more sunscreen!!) I'm a bit lobstery.

In the evening, Pete came home with Duke, a lil puppy we're watching for the week! I'm a bit nervous how he'll interact with our baby girl Peach. Have you met her? She's not usually shy...

No pictures!

Old Long Paw
We adopted her about a year and a half ago and she is the sweetest cat ever! She follows us around the house, plays fetch, and doesn't mind other people at all. We love our little girl!

So far, good enough! Peach is a bit thrown off by Duke but he has left her alone. At one point Pete was bringing them close together so they could sniff one another or whatever it is animals do to get acquainted with each other and she hissed. Duke came foward again and she hissed again. Third strike and Duke innocently sniffed again and ol' giant long paw came and WHACKED poor puppy in the face! Our girl is defending her territory.  Oh my, I'm lost in a pet saga story.

Anywhack, I walked over to my parents house today to show them the dog we're watching and wound up hanging out with them in their ginormous yard for 4 hours. My parents loved him! And loved my impromtu visit as well.

This is the first real dog experience I've ever had! I've never played fetch before today or anything! I'm liking it, but have grown up with cats and have never fully appreciated their ability to poo in a box and leave me out of it until this morning when, at 6:50am, I took Duke for a walk because he was whining. He didn't go have to pee, came back in the house and promptly peed on the carpet. (We have one fricken carpet in a 4 room apt)! Whatever, he's a still a puppy and not fully trained and besides, who can resist this face?

It was a pet filled day! Now I'm relaxing with the hubby watching Just Go With it and enjoying a Brooklyn Lager Summer Ale

And with the dog safely crated for the night, Ms. Peach is fully free to relax! G'nite!



  1. Ahh! I love puppies and kittens you can never go wrong with them! I really like what you're doing over here. Keep up the great work.

  2. @Anonymous Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your kind words :D

  3. Class Dad! ;-) Felt like I needed to try and make the beach snacking somewhat healthy, haha

  4. OMG! I just saw this one! Yay! We are part of your blogoshpere!! I am always ready to provide the spiked beverages! It was such an amazing day!