Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bow Tie Pasta & Bow Ties for the Emmys

There's nothing better than coming home after a long day of work and dinner being ready for you!! :) My husband is the best and enjoys cooking.  We had a nice cold pasta salad for dinner. It included bow tie pasta, chopped red pepper, green pepper, & onions, mandarin oranges, sunflower seeds and was dressed with a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, lemon & lime zest, salt & pepper. It was super refreshing, easy to make and delicious!

We spent a large chunk of the evening FINALLY sorting through our wedding pictures to create our album. We are allowed to have 75 pictures.....and have 799 to choose from! We narrowed it down to 152, and then 103 but we'll have to revisit and chop out a few more. It's getting so hard to choose. I love them all!!

We decided to keep pictures more like this:

Aww he's so cute! ;)
And less like this (despite my intense love for them!!):

"Pull up the dress" Dance moves by Laura & Mike!
We're gonna let them sit for a bit and revisit over the weekend to make our final chocies.
This morning I had the best breakfast of 2 waffles with bananas & blueberries. It was hearty and felt like a weekend breakfast.


Is anyone else excited about the Emmy nominations??? I love my DVR box like I love my pet. When it's on the fritz I call up the cable company, inquiring about it's health, and have even driven it to the store for checkups repairs.

Me & my friend Emily often get together to watch the Oscars & the Emmys. It reminds us of the great three years we lived together! I can't wait for our September mini party.

I'm super excited for Ms. Melissa McCarthy who is nominated for Mike & Molly. This show is super cute and funny and Melissa deserves this nom! I absolutely loved her on Samantha Who? and Bridesmaids. Go Melissa! (I'm not even covering other people in this catergory!)


Other interesting nominations include for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. I'm glad to see Steve Carell (his last Office nom!), Louis C.K. (who is also an awesome stand up) & Alec Baldwin - who can do no wrong. Who doesn't love Jack Donaghy?? ... Or those Capital One commercials? (Ha)

I love that nearly the entire cast of Modern Family has been nominated. That is a great show. I'm rooting for Ed O'Neill  or Eric Stonestreet who plays Cam.

As for drama- I don't really watch anything that was nominated! I predict The Good Wife will win everything. Or Mad Men. And Michael C. Hall should win for Dexter. That's really all I have to add about that! LOL.

You can see the entire list of nominees here.

Are you excited about the Emmy's? Who do you think should've been nominated?

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  1. EMMY PARTY! Whoo hoo! Those waffles look delicious.