Friday, July 29, 2011

Thai Lunch Catch Up

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Emily! We met during an internship back in college and have been friends ever since. We even lived together for three years!

Since our pics at lunch were a bit dreadful, here are some nice photos of us for you to look at.

Dress me, woman!

We're getting together this weekend for her birthday times but haven't seen each other one on one in a while, so we decided to hit up one of our favorite thai places, Spice.

We keep meaning to go to other places, but we really love the lunch special where you get an appetizer and choice of meal.

For my appetizer, I got "Duck Wrapped". It was so good! It was lil duck pieces, carrot, celery, peanut, sweet radish, soy hoisin sauce. I ate it like a lettuce wrap, which made it refreshing!

And for my meal I got Wok HOLY Basil (which I like to say like some crazy preacher man.) This dish is always a winner!

I ate every last bit! Have been craving Thai for a while and this was worth the wait!

As we were leaving the restaurant, I dropped my shitty $7 sunglasses. The lense on the one side always pops out and I pop it back in, declaring that I will soon buy new sunglasses, but never do. Today both lenses fell out. How trendy do I look?
I guess it's really time for some new sunglasses! I'm off to the mall!

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