Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Vacays

I didn't take any pictures of my meals today/yesterday. I don't really want to create a full food blog and document every single thing I eat, plus I eat a lot of the same stuff each day. For example, this recycled picture works for this mornings awesome chocolatey smoothie.

It was even more delicious than the previous one. I love summer smoothies!  

I will still be blogging a ton of my food though I guess as one of my goals before I hit 30 (and earlier i hope!) is to become healthy & live a healthy & fit lifestyle. Thanks for bearing with me as I blog a bit randomly! Let's see where it takes us. :)

Today is even hotter than yesterday in NYC! When I left my house this morning, the heat felt oppressive and made it hard to breathe. I was SO glad hubby offered to drive me to the train station which is a 10 minute walk away.

Can you see the "feels like"?? 111. 111!!

The heat and summer make me want to go on vacation. Last month, me & Pete went to Washington D.C. It was a great trip! I hadn't been in over a decade and Pete had never been.

We checked out all the major attractions that we could since we were only there for three days.

I am actually wearing this exact outfit today!! LOL

We saw:

    The Bunker chairs!! Love this show.
  • Arlington Cemetery (feel weird linking to a cemetery! It was extremely humbling & fascinating though. I recommend taking the 3 stop tour for around $12 per person. The trolley takes you to the Kennedy grave site, the changing of the guard area/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & the Curtis-Lee Mansion which I found very interesting. The entire cemetery it too large to just wander around yourself.

  • Georgetown
  • The White House
  •  The Capitol Building

I forget who this statue is but he is gonna POSE until his policy  gets voted on!!

Overall our trip was great. It was a ton of walking (and slllloooooowwww museum walking which sorta kills me) but otherwise it was nice to explore a new city. We stayed in the Dupont Circle area and fell in love with it. The subways were super easy to use & we ate at some great places along the way.

I am currently researching January vacations to Miami!! Anyone have any suggestions as to where to stay? (We're thinking Miami Beach area)

Stay cool everyone!


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