Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holy Peach!

It is HOT out there New York!! Ick!

Last night's dinner was a hodge podge of leftovers. Pete had those yummy meatballs from earlier this week, and I enjoyed a black bean veggie burger on an Arnold's sandwich thin (LOVE these!) along with a potato/bean thing Pete made.

The potato salad thing had red potatoes, cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes, red onions, zucchini & corn and was dressed in some sort of honey mustard sauce. It was yummy!! I can't get my head around this being a meal alone though, as Pete intended it to be. I mean, it does have a protein & veggies but there's something about it! I enjoyed it very much as a side dish.

Peach also ate dinner at this time and then took a little bath in the kitchen.

 After dinner I talked Pete into going on a froyo run! (It wasn't hard.)

I enjoyed black cherry with coconut (SO GOOD!) with sprinkles, strawberries & yogurt chips and Pete had just coconut with raspberries.

It was super refreshing for a hot summer night! Pete wondered aloud if any blog readers would mistake his hands for mine. ... um, for the record, I do not have giant man hands.

We brought home our yogurt and made an attempt at watching a movie. We've been trying to watch Harry Potter 7 Part 1 for weeks! We never got around to seeing it in the theater. We tried ordering if from our shitty cable on Monday but the movie didn't play.  Then I was FINALLY able to rent it from Redbox on Tuesday, but we haven't had time to watch it still! Last night we watched about 30 minutes of it until I was too tired to keep my eyes open. Sheesh! We won't have time to watch it until Saturday lol! I read all the books in college and have seen every movie in the theater so far. This lack of movie 7 is making me feel like a bad HP fan!

Lastly, I caught Ms. Peach relaxing in her morning spot in the kitchen today. I love this divine looking pic!

St. Peachus of Brooklyn


  1. Your fro-yo looks delicious! I love black cherry anything!

  2. Peach is so cute! I also love the arnold sandwich thins! Can't wait to get back on the bread.