Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fire Flies & Fro-Yo

Last night after dinner me & Pete took a walk through an area of town where we'd love to buy a home. It was fun walking around, pointing out what we liked and didn't like about different houses. We definitely want a driveway, backyard and a porch with enough room for 2 chairs (possibly rocking chairs). I know nothing about real estate so I can't even describe what we do and don't like, but at least I can say we tend to like the same things!
This is my pathetic attempt to capture a photo of some lightening bugs! (Um, this is impossible).
"what am i looking at?'

oh maybe its not?
I still have desires to wash out a mayo jar, poke holes in the lid, and capture as many lighting bugs as I can! After our walk Pete drove straight to Red Mango!  MmMmM

I got vanilla &  black cherry (zomg!) with strawberries, yogurt chips & cocoa pebble flakes. I could've done with out the flakes but it was overall super yummy. 

This morning i woke with good intentions to hit the gym, but some stuff prevented me from getting there with enough time so I wound up driving Pete to the train and then stopping by the park.

It was so pretty and peaceful there! I was only able to briskly walk/jog for about 20 minutes, but I was happy with that. I had Ms. Bethenny Frankel in my head going "Do what you can, when you can." I was glad I was able to get fresh air & enjoy such a beautiful morning!

When I got home I had some cereal with fresh blueberries. I also enjoyed a banana on the side. (That's what she said.) (Get used to this phrase ;))

Questions -
Do you own a home or co-op? How long did it take you to find it?

What's your favorite breakfast?

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  1. Lightening bugs are my favorite. Nice place mats!