Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Back Into It

Hey everybody! I apologize for the long break. It was my birthday & anniversary week! There was a ton of celebrating, meals out with friends & family and drinks :) I feel like I have a lot to cover!


So back in July I wrote a post about a goal I set for myself - to lose 29lbs by the time I turned 29 (last Friday). Well folks... the verdict is in and I am down 13 pounds. It's not 29 but it is about half way there. I am refocusing and getting back into healthy eating & exercising. You only get one body and one life and I need to take care of me!

I literally woke up on Friday in pain LOL. I mean, my lower back has been aching, I had that weird pain in my side from Thursday, & I've felt out of shape this week after not really doing much to keep fit. I really FELT 29! GOD I'm getting old!! But I know I can turn it around and am ready.

I started yesterday by enjoying a Thomas' Bagel Thin with peanut butter, apple, Craisins and a sprinkling of cinnamon. It was wonderfully fally :)

Pete & I recently joined BJ's Wholesale Club and I could not resist a 4 pound bag of Craisins. I love to put them into salads and thought, "We'll fly through these!" and then laughed out loud in my kitchen since I wound up using like 15 craisins (AND FORGOT TO PUT THEM IN MY LUNCH SALAD FOR TODAY) #fail. hahaha. At least I'm entertaining myself :)

First Anniversary

Pete and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Monday, September 19th. I cant believe it's been a whole year already!!

Our wedding day was amazing and intimate, filled with friends and family.  We had an amazing day.

The year flew by and I am happier than ever. I can't believe I am lucky enough to have someone like Pete. I am thankful every single day!

Goal Check In

I'm not gonna lie... last week was spent mainly spending time with family and friends and going out and celebrating! It went a little like this: two family dinners, a dinner with Pete, Brandon & Patrick, drinks, & another family lunch, my brother Michael coming to visit from Boston with his two children on Saturday, and a mild at home Emmy party with the only guest being Emily. This included dinner & snacks as well. So I was hella busy & super tired at the end of it.

too much partyin'

  1. Mop. If I don't put it on a list, I will not do it.
  2. Blog 4x! I did this three times....
  3. Yoga 3x!  I did this once...
  4. Utilize gym membership!  I went once...
  5. Stop using so many parenthesis and !!!! in blog!!!!!!!! (Meh)
  6. Reconnect with someone. Either an old friend, or family member I haven't spoken to in a while. This I did! I reconnected with my friend James who is currently living in England (Hi James!) and my sister Dianna.
So there you have my week! It was not a normal week. Here's my goals for this week!
  1. Gym 3x. One time should include strength training
  2. Yoga 2x.
  3. Create a budget and stick with it.
  4. Eat healthfully consistently.
  5. Pick wedding photos for album. (JK 1 year later!)


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