Wednesday, September 14, 2011

German Birthdays!

Umm, this is the most important development in musicals since 1992: NEWSIES!
Something from childhood is fiercely excited about this show! I loved the movie as a kid and then me & Emily would watch it in our apartment (along with High School Musical - don't judge).

Ugh- upon further investigation, this show is playing in the middle of Jersey. sigh. But I am willing to make the trek! haha Me & Emily got tickets for 9/24! Squee!

Anynewsies - Last night my parents took me out for an early birthday dinner (9/16) and me & Pete for an early anniversary dinner (9/19).  I suggested a great local German restaurant called Zum Stammtisch.

Cute placemats!

The place has a great old tymey time feel to it. The food was wonderful! Being 1/2 German, I love tapping into my heritage and getting some authentic and tasty German food now and then. I wish I spoke the language!

The food amounts here are insane. I took home more than half of my plate. Yay leftovers!

Afterwards we went back to my parents house for some cake. Have you met "The Birthday Man"?

He has been in our family since the early 70s. Every time there is a birthday, he makes an appearance!

It was a really great evening! :)

Ice cream cake is the best cake

It's birthday week kickoff! PS Did I tell you I met Justin Bieber at Macy's? ;)

FYI- I am NOT 5'3"....


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