Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. After days and days of being busy with social plans and other obligations, I was excited to finally have NO PLANS! (Well, actually 2 things fell through... but I was still happy for the down time!) I spent a giant chunk of Saturday cleaning my apartment. I mean, I was scrubbing walls. Every molding we have is now super clean!

Saturday evening me & Pete went to A.C. Moore to buy some autumn decorations! We had maybe 3 pieces that were cute but I wanted more! Autumn is my favorite season and I'm so glad it's back!

Obsessed with Autumn candles!

Check out all our fun new stuff!

Who is this?

You smell good. Lets be friends.

I love all this stuff so much I may not even decorate for Christmas. HA. No...I have two huge tubs of Christmas decorations and a 7 foot tree... that will be occurring around December 1st :)

It felt good to get my home in order and ready for fall. I spent the rest of the weekend spending time with my parents, Pete, Peach & my father in law. It was great spending time with family!

Goal check in -

No, I haven't forgotten! Last (last) Friday I made 5 goals for the week, and I did pretty good this time around!

  1. Get to the god damn gym 3x. Made it!! (once.) (sigh.) (parenthesis.)
  2. Do yoga 2x. Check!
  3. Clean up and organize the kitchen table. (It's an endless struggle.) Check! That bitch is CLEAN and even has a nice bowl o' fruit on it now.
  4. Make all needed doctor's appointments. I'm due for some checkups and have been putting them off! Check! (Joy. Can't wait! :p)
  5. Blog 4x. Check! Oops, I totally thought I did this!! I blogged 3x. Whoops.
So there ya have it! At the end of this week I will be aging into my last year in my 20s (EEEK). It's all good. I took off this Friday & the following Monday as it is my 1 year wedding anniversary! I'm excited for a four day weekend.

This week's goals:
  1. Mop. If I don't put it on a list, I will not do it.
  2. Blog 4x!
  3. Yoga 3x!
  4. Utilize gym membership!
  5. Stop using so many parenthesis and !!!! in blog!!!!!!!!
  6. Reconnect with someone. Either an old friend, or family member I haven't spoken to in a while.
Facebook and texting ruins the world LOL. I mean, it's great, but I often forget to call people to see how they are doing. Maybe I'll write someone a letter. Or send a telegram. I don't know. I'll see how I feel.

Have a great week everyone!


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