Friday, September 16, 2011

On the Eve of my Birth

I hardly believe I can write this in 8 minutes, but I'll try... (actually I have until 5:08am..)


  • I am turning 29 today tomorrow.
  • I want to sit and think and create some sort of list of what I wish to achieve before I turn 30. .. (Hence this blog..but really, something cohesive [and not to drink more])
  • I woke up this morning with a strange pain under my right arm by my rib cage. I could literally feel my cells oxidizing and aging.*
  • *I was taken to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch w/ my work department and subsequently ordered zucchini & spaghetti squash to ward off oxidation.
  • The bottle of wine vegetables I ordered helped me feel better.
  • *I don't drink at work. I try my best to drink at home.
  • I had a wonderful 90 minute conversation with my older sister. Deep, old familiy secrets were told that I had never known. Very interesting. Especially since my mother was around my age when said secrets* were happening.
  • It's not a great secret. Like i had some secret twin and found her at the mall.
  • My sister is a new reader here!! Hopefully.
  • The cat is eating something she shouldn't be. Sounds more like plastic than chicken flavored cat food.
  • I'm babbling. So far 29 is no different than 28 is no different than 26 is no different than... oh, I've only been babbling to myself for 3 or so years now ;)
  • z.

  • I've recently joined All You. Which is a website that is dedicated to finding the best free samples on the best and bringing it to your inbox!
Apparently I am old as I have dry skin and a back up in my digestive system.

JK I LOVE free samples! I love Fiber Choice (once in a while) and who doesn't love lotion (especiallly in winter??). Also I have a bunch of other free stuff coming to me like perfume, snacks and tea. I love tea... I own about 25 mugs. I love tea.

  • This is being published way later than intended but I'm 'going with my babble anyway :D
Have a great weekend!


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