Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Stop, Llanview

Last week, after travelling for six hours in a car with food poisoning and feeling awful for roughly 80 percent of the time, a small tiny miracle happened. The nausea stopped. As soon as we hit Staten Island, I was able to sit up a bit and make conversation with Vince without feeling the crushing waves of queasiness. This was a big deal. Feeling sick sucks, but I had tickets for the Loving Llanview event that night! My mother & I had been looking forward to this since the Tribute to Pine Valley All My Children event and got tickets to this event for Christmas.  One Life to Live was our true favorite soap and this was the final event we were going to participate in since it's cancellation.

As soon as I got in the house, I asked Pete what HE would do. A random reprieve of sickness doesn't guarantee that I would feel well enough to drive out there and sit in a theater for two hours. He recommended I not go. ... Can you guess what I did?

I went!! LOL I hadn't eaten all day, and my Mom turned into my Mommy and brought crackers and all kinds of stomach meds. I had a cracker and was then full (love the food poisoning diet). We drove out there and got into our seats. I was feeling pretty good! But then, about 20 minutes into it, my sickness started creeping back. Luckily nothing...happened. I just felt the strongest urge to lie down.

The show itself was fun! Ten actors from the show were asked questions, trivia and told behind the scenes stories.  As much as I loved the television show, I have to admit... the All My Children show was actually much more organized and more entertaining than this one, and overall, a much better show. There was a clear person leading the show and moving things along when they needed to be, and that was sort of lacking at this one. I was about 20% disappointed. Can one be a percentage disappointed? I'm sure my slight sickness didn't help my tolerance for anything less than perfection. ;)

I'm still glad I got to spend some time with my mom and not have my Christmas present go to waste. My dad offered to go with her, but he said that would be like a major punishment for him and that if he went, she'd owe him a pot roast. LOL.

No pot roast for Dad!

So that's it on the soap front! I already miss my daily routine, or weekend catch up routine of seeing what's going on in Llanview


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