Sunday, January 29, 2012

Washington D.C. Part 2

I'm not gonna lie... the first D.C. post was getting a bit long but honestly, if I'm going to stick to my resolutions..... I needed to make a second post. HA! But it actually works out well as after 3p on that Friday, drinks were never not consumed again.

Vince & I really worked up an appetite after our mini tour of the monuments. Vince had planned to meet up for a drink with his friend Kaitlyn so we headed over to a place recommended by my brother actually (who love love loves D.C.... must be a family thing?), called Elephant & Castle.

What a fun English pub type of place! I was excited when I saw the beer menu and decided to try Fuller's London Pride. MmMmmmmmmmm! I also tried Fullers ESB which was also good but I went back for another London Pride. I also love that 1 drink turned into 5. Oh us!

Afterwards Vince & I headed over to Melissa's where her and Nat cooked us a lovely dinner! They made a whole chicken with cous cous, roasted tomatoes & a cesar salad. It was SO good! :)

When we left Melissa's apartment, poor Vince missed a step on the way out. He went down like a ton of bricks. Initially, the wonderful people Melissa & I are, started laughing, thinking he was joking..... until we saw his face. He sprained his ankle pretty badly!! :( He was a trooper though and we tried to make sure he had a place to sit, or did minimal dancing.

Once we all made it into the cab, we hit the town! We went to Nellie's Sports Bar which was just a gay bar with tvs playing sports LOL, and then a club called Town.

John Michael, another friend

Da club was interesting... there were 2 floors. The downstairs floor was obviously teen night or something & the upstairs was... I don't know..regular? There were go-go boys. It was fun! Although my warm warm sweater was a great choice for a steamy club ;)

the DC gang

I had such a blast in D.C. and really want to return soon! Next time I will be utilizing one of the bus options that leave from NYC. I highly recommend a visit!


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