Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vincemantha Who?

Hey everyone! It feels like I've been super busy all year. jk only 2 weeks. I've been busy with work and also been prepping for my friend Vince's NY visit!  Vince and I met when we worked together for a few months... jeez, 8 years ago this year....and have been friends ever since!

A few years ago he moved back to his hometown of Reno, NV. He did this because he loved spending money on air travel to see me.

In addition to him flying here, I have actually been to Reno twice. Plus we've met up in both Vegas and San Francisco and are headed to DC this weekend.

San Fran

I don't know what is going on here

One of my bridesmaid! ... Manmaid? idk
Vince flew in late Saturday night to the hell hole called "Newark Airport." I dragged Pete with me for the trip to Jersey in the middle of the night and I was SO GLAD I DID. The second you come out of the tunnel, all you pass are gas stations, abandoned construction-y road ways, a prison (seriously) and lots of areas that look perfect for dumping a body. Pete sang the theme song to the Sopranos which really entertained me.

Sunday a bunch of us went to our people's favorite past time, Brunch! We went to a place called Arte Cafe on the Upper West Side. I had been to this place once before and had a good experience and thought it would be good for our large group.

Plenty of champagne was had! Well, I had champagne. But sangria, Bellinis, mimosas & screwdrivers also flowed! Overall I liked this place. The food was really tasty (I got a buffalo mozzarella, pesto, pine nut sandwich thing) and the drinks were good but it took a LONG time for it to start flowing. Basically you add $16 to your meal for unlimited drinks. We had one drink and then ate and we still hadn't received our second drink by the time most of us were done eating! That was irritating. But once the second round came, I immediately ordered the 3rd, and people kept doing that  until we got our moneys worth! haha :)

Afterwards we wandered around to different bars and had a blast!

stop playing with my hair

super turtleneck

I was so proud of myself because I stopped drinking in the early evening and switched to water. It's the little things! It really saved me the next day. :)


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