Friday, January 6, 2012

52 Breakfasts

On New Year's Day I made good use of my BJ's Wholesale Club membership and stocked up on a bunch of healthy items.
52 Oatmeals!!

I'm sort of torn about having a membership to this place. After paying the annual fee and using coupons, I feel like it is only *maybe* worth it. The prices aren't that great after you factor in the annual fee. Plus Pete and I can only eat so much. Maybe it is better if you have a family....I'm really on the fence though. I will most likely not be renewing my membership in November.

That's not to say I don't turn into a maniac in the store, putting jars of pickles, cases of soda or hunks of meat in my cart. I totally turn into Mitchel from Modern Family. However, I scan my cart before checking out and usually put 1/2 of it back! LOL.

That being said, I am still really excited about the new Chobani 12 pack! The original one had Strawberry,  Blueberry & Peach. I really enjoy the Peach but the other two I could take or leave.
This new pack has Pineapple, Blackberry (my 2 favorite flavors!) and Mango, which I've never tried. It was very exciting.

This week, I have alternated between oatmeal with chia seeds, or almond butter & banana on a sandwich thin. Breakfast is such an easy meal for me to be healthy with. Its the other two (mainly dinner) that I have issues with.

A little while back I tried regular almond butter and was disappointed with it. It tasted like... well.. almonds. Grainy almonds. However, the addition of chocolate really makes this something special & I fell in love with the flavor.

I was so excited when this lil guy popped up in my Christmas stocking from Santa Claus! :)

It's the little things :)


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