Friday, October 28, 2011

Back! and an All My Children Event

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been 18 days since my last blog.

I'm sorry! I will now attempt to win you over with cute pictures of animals.




Hi y'all!

But I've thought about it often. For a good solid week - ten days, I just didn't want to share. I'm not sure where my head was, but it was not in writing or the internet or picture taking or anything! But for the last few days I've been thinking about it and decided to continue. Sooooo

Ohhh look. Nothing's changed.
Yes my bfast is smiling at me! I am 5.

I had a bagelwich with peanut butter, naner and cinnamon. I'm sorry, but this is a satisfying meal that actually keeps me full until lunch! I need to photograph lunch and dinner more. It's really much more entertaining.

Last night I went with my mom to A Tribute To Pinevalley. Any All My Children fans out there??

It was a pretty cool event. Six actors from the show were on stage. They answered questions from the audience, had the audience ask them trivia questions and try to stump them in order to win prizes, and told some great behind the scenes stories.

I really didn't know what to expect when we went to this show but had a really great time. I grew up with All My Children, One Life To Live, & General Hospital on in the background. Sometimes I would get caught up in a story line and watch religiously and others I would have a vague idea of stuff, but I always knew basically what was going on with the show. In the last 3 years I've been watching One Life To Live every day. Thank god for DVRs and weekends!! :) At the end of the show last night, I heard there will be a OLTL version of this show happening in January! Yay! Cannot wait! :)

What's going on this weekend?  I have a wedding to attend tomorrow (its Halloween themed!!.....all I'll say is I am not a fan of Halloween...but I am a fan of weddings!)
Sunday I'm going to a pumpkin blaze!!
I took of Monday because I have a few days to use before the end of the year and who doesn't love a three day weekend?

Three whole days!! Surely I'll blog over the weekend. Have a great one!


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