Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Beach

How is everyones new year going so far?? Mine has been going lovely! I've been super motivated about things, and lord knows I need to take advantage of this mood while I can! Let's back track a little though. How was your New Years Eve?

My plan for 2011's NYE was to be home with my husband, to be in comfy pants, to just chill and not really spend any money and to have a good time! I feel like I've become such a homebody over the past year (which I kinda love) and think this was a great ending to 2011.

We made some snacks including pigs in a blanket, frozen clams & chips and dip, we played Monopoly (I lost :p), we danced in the living room and drank! It was a great night in.

Even the girls had a NYE shot!

The next day Pete & I wanted to get out of the house and decided to go to the beach! We both had a good laugh when we pulled into the parking lot and saw about 100 other cars. I said to Pete, "I thought I was being original by suggesting the beach!" .... Then we laughed again when some woman passed us and said THE SAME THING. LOL. We are as unique as everyone else! ;)

It was CHILLY out there! Somehow I forgot that it would be cold near the water since it was so warm by our house.

2012 resolution - look like a crazy.

Visiting the beach just made me long for summer and to sit on the sand with a drink! Can't wait for more beach times this summer!


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Shadow love

We finished up the day by coming home to a crock pot meal and renting Our Idiot Brother from Redbox. The movie was better than I thought it would be! And I love Redbox because it's only $1.31 a night. Yay to cheap dates!


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