Sunday, January 29, 2012

Washington DC Part 1

Hello! Well, what a few weeks it has been! Vince & I bounced down to DC where Vince fell and nearly broke his ankle, and I picked up food poisoning! That certainly made the remainder of the trip fun! Also, if you have never had a stomach bug and then driven in a car for 6 hours, I highly recommend it. Think of all the rest stops you're missing out on when you drive on by. Think of how the Popeye's Chicken smell would make you feel when queasy, or the joy of buying overpriced medicine. Yes, fun times indeed.

The actually D.C. trip was really fun though! We drove down on Thursday (missing most of the rest stops) and met up with our friend Melissa. She has the cutest apartment in Capital Hill & the cutest little friend named Tuesday.

Melissa's boyfriend Nat was nice enough to let us stay at his place in Chinatown  (another awesome apartment!) We headed over, freshened up and went to dinner & drinks.

For dinner we went to District of Pi a great pizza place (cause you can never find good pizza in NY) and had yummy pizza & a ton of appetizers and craft beers. Afterwards we went to a bar called Lost Society. I was overwhelmed with desire to live in D.C. simply because of all the fun restaurants and bars. Again, I know I live in NYC but I think I feel a bit jaded about that. I really need to focus on finding fun, new places to dine and drink in my hometown.
Melissa & I!

Cool atmosphere of Lost Society

We headed back to the apartment pretty early since Friday was really our only full day to explore and Vince and I wanted to do some sightseeing during the day. We started our morning by heading to Melissa's office in the Capital Building. She took us around and we got a little behind the scenes tour of the place including getting to be ON the house of representatives floor! Where the president gives the State of the Union! That was pretty awesome...all the history and significance associated with that room. Cameras were banned. :(

Afterwards we had some lunch together. After our healthy road trip down, we were on a mission to put something green into our stomachs. We got salads at a cute place named Sweet Green. I'd never been so happy to have lettuce. ;)

Once we were fueled up, Melissa went back to work and Vince and I travelled over to the National Mall area where all the monuments were located. We both wanted to check out the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. It is a bit of a walk from where the train station let us out, but I really enjoyed the brisk walk!

The FDR & Jefferson Memorials were also over that way, so we did a walking loop of those. They are so pretty & filled with history and reverence. I loved getting to see them! Pete and I missed them when we visited D.C. last June

me & my good friend FDR

Jefferson Memorial

We had such a blast walking around and being fit. :)


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