Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things

Welcome back for Three Things Thursday! You can check out earlier installments here & here.

Pete & I were looking for a great Indian restaurant since our local one closed (and quite frankly, wasn't that great anyway) and checked out Seva in Astoria. The place is cozy with only about 12 tables & a super attentive staff of 400. Luckily they were attentive, but not overbearing.

Anyway, as an appetizer, I ordered the masala crab cakes. Holy moly were these delicious! They came with 2 sauces which both complimented the crab cake so well. As soon as I took my last bite, I was already planning to order these again soon!

{Fun birthday napkins.}

{Baby birthday cakes for the birthday boy! From Financier Patisserie}


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