Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Don't you love alliteration? I'm starting a new "segment"... 3 Things Thursday! Three things I'm obsessed with and loving! ... or liking... or noticed....or find interesting... etc etc. :)

Irish macaroons!! I was walking down a NY street and stopped dead in my tracks (which is AWESOME for the people behind me...and I love when tourists do that) because I was drawn to this display!! 

I never knew that these type of macaroons existed until Pete brought them home from pastry school. I was only aware of the coconuty version. Can you tell I'm not French?

What I am though, is Irish! (1/2) I walked straight in and then realized the cost and walked straight out! Haha! I will have to wait until payday for these babies!

Peach's paws!
Because I'm a thinly veiled cat lady & love my camera, I often get down on the ground to her level and get some up close photos and candids. Peach is a big ol' bear and she has giant paws. They're cute. Sometimes we hold hands/paws while watching television.

Remember the days of film? I used to be so excited to run down to CVS and see what developed, only to see I had my eyes closed in 3 of them, my finger over the lens in 2, and about 9 generally bad shots. Thank God for digital! haha :)

Mac & Cheese Cups!!

Holy moly... I was reading Emily's blog over at Cupcakes & Cashmere, lazily browsing, when these babies caught my eye.  OMGosh!! I loooove little miniature things. LOVE. I love tiny spoons and tiny cups and tiny whisks and tiny spatulas. Tiny frames, tiny Lego people, tiny EVERYTHING. I can't wait to make these for my next get together!!



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