Saturday, November 5, 2011

The New Girl

Hey! How was your week? I cant believe it's been an entire week! Time is always flying.

Last Saturday, NY had snow! Lotsa snow. My sister upstate & Pete's sister in Connecticut both lost power :P Here in the city, it was just a yucky, icy and cold day! Pete and I went to a wedding that day and I felt bad for the bride and the shitty weather she had! However, it was still a beautiful ceremony & party.

I never really wear dresses and was unpreparred for wearing a dress during a snow storm.... Brrrr my legs were COLD!! LOL

Sunday, after checking the website & my email, we headed to the Pumpkin Blaze thing, but drove up to a dark parking lot and a state trooper lookin' guy saying "I'm so sorry, we have no power." BOOOP.

I took the day off on Monday to laze around with Pete. We went to lunch at Chili's (#healthy) and afterwards went into a shelter that was in the shopping center.  We often walk by this place later in the evening and they're always closed, so we were both excited to walk in and visit the kitties!

....Sooo... while browsing, we sorta, accidentally adopted a cat. !!!

Meet LUCY!!

Shes a sweet lil 6lb cat. Apparently she's 2 years old but she looks way younger to me. She's a bit shy but super sweet. Peach hates her. Should be fun socializing the two.

I love that Peach is MORE than 3x the size of her hahah! Any tips on bringing a new cat into a home with an existing cat? Wish me luck!


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