Thursday, November 17, 2011

Splash of Orange Juice

Hiii ohhh my how this week FLEW! I'm not even sure why or how or what happened. I took minimal pictures as well, which is probably why I wound up not blogging. I love to take photos and then creating a blog around those, and since all pictures this week were of the cats (#catlady) I chose to post nothing. This isn't Unchartered Shelter Cats.

ANYWAY yesterday and today I made some awesome smoothies! Yesterday's was thicker and I'm really not sure why since they were essentially the same.

In the mix:
  • frozen 'naner
  • frozen strawberries (like 5 sliced pieces)
  • frozen pineapple (4 pieces..all that was left!)
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • spash of orange juice  * really makes it tasty!! Hence the title of this post :)
I topped the mixture with chia seeds and chocolate granola. It was really yummy! Look at that- I even broke out a nice placemat for y'all!

They're replacing all the water pipes in my neighborhood, and it's been really fun waking up to machinery noise. :p

The girls don't seem to mind. Speaking of, Lucy is adjusting wonderfully! She's been super shy and she slinks away with a worried look on her face all the time, but in the past week, she has made kitty strides.
The curtain is a fine place to sit.

We've been keeping her in the bathoom overnight and sometimes during the day so that Peach doesn't muder her.
I will murder you with my lasers!!

Lucy has been super sweet in the bathroom and I've taken to calling her Bathroom Cat. As soon as she leaves the room, it was like she forgets who we are and what is going on.

But she is getting better! She is hiding less and very playful. She even comes up to me in rooms now! I'm glad she's becoming well adjusted. Now I just need Peach to be nicer to her. She is....but it's going to be a long time before they're friends. Unchartered Felines.

In other news, I was excited to get my Oprah's Favorite Things O Magazine this month and was delighted to open up to an OOOPPPRAAHHHHH RAAAAAIIINNNNBBOOOOWWWW!

Have you started your holiday shopping  yet? I've bought maybe 3 things, and am a bit stumped on the rest.


Sooo this was from last week - let's see how badly I did:
  1. Blog 3x. Blogged 1x. Oops
  2. Yoga 2x Yoga 1x
  3. Gym 3x Gym 2x
  4. Eat smaller meals wha?
  5. Throw a kick ass brunch for Mom's bday Sunday :) Yea!
Mom's brunch was fun! My sister & her family came down and we all ate tons and tons of carbs and grapes. :) Mom had a blast.

This week!:
  1. Gym 2x
  2. Yoga 2x
  3. Blog 3 god damn times.
  4. Catch up with my bro!
  5. Try not to go insane food-wise during the Thanksgiving holiday next week.


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