Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Most Productive Morning EVER

Hi everybody! Can we pretend it's yesterday? Because I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday and I really wanted to because I was quite the productive Sally.

Happy Monday everyone!! :)  How was your weekend? I awoke on Saturday and while I always want to want to clean, I usually plow through my DVR instead and clean a little here and there, and then make a phone call, clean some more. Not Saturday! Saturday, something came over me. I mean, I was pulling out furniture and mopping everywhere. Boo ya!! (Watch out, I'm in quite a good mood today.)

I was a little bit distracted though, and attempted to take some glamour shots of Peach while I put laundry away. She knows how to find her light.

And Lucy had her darling little paws crossed and this amuses me.
So ladylike

ANYWAY. Sunday was a more relaxed day with Pete. I did manage to squeeze in some yoga which was exciting since I planned to do nothing.
Biggest Loser yoga

But Monday... let me tell you about Monday. A list if you will:
  1. I awoke at 5:35 to move my car before 6am... they are replacing the water pipes in my neighborhood and it is greatly inconveniencing for everyone :p
  2. Since I was up.. might as well hit the gym right? Got there at 6am! Did 40 minutes of cardio. Squee! (PS The walk to the gym and back is 1.2 miles... so that is extra, right??)
  3. Came home, did some dishes. Dishes will never end.
  4. COOKED DINNER *  Now I never cook. And it was an easy enough meal, but still. Cooking dinner for later that night at 7am is not me. But I felt so accomplished!
  5. Showered/make up/blow dried hair.
  6. Made breakfast.
  7. Made lunch.
  8. Went to work. haha
Ok now I'm stretching the list out. But still... this is productive for me! I was very proud.

* I made Penne Rotini with Cherry Tomatoes, White Beans & Olives.

I'm not a fan of mixing pasta shapes, but I had to use what we had!

Easy peasy!

It was a simple enough recipe that turned out pretty tasty. My major road block was that I had to chop olives (I substituted black with green since I loathe black olives) and the olives had pits in them!! Argh.

Here are all my meals. Look, not just breakfast! :)

My salad was super yummy - a mix of romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli slaw, tomato, craisins and a 1/2 an avocado.

I'm so happy this is a short week. My office closes at 1p tomorrow and I am off Friday. Excited for Thanksgiving plans! What are your plans? Peach's plan is to take some time off hatin' on Lucy and to just chill.


  1. That rotini looks great! I'm trying to have a productive day today, but it's not working out the way so far!

  2. @Michelle @ Blogitness

    Thanks!! My productivity comes and goes. I like to jump on the wave when its around! :D