Friday, February 17, 2012


Friday rants!!
  • Look what I finally found at Target!! I've tried the Blood Orange so far and it is delicious!
I cant wait to try the apple cinnamon! PLUS I tweeted Chobani about blood orange being my new fave and they tweeted me back!
I thought this was pretty cool!!

  • My twitter handle changed... I've always had my private one, and my "Unchartered" one...but I think I just want to be me. So, follow me & tweet me! @LauLugo9
  • Look what ELSE I found in Target
        uh oh...
      • This morning I was running late and had to eat my oatmeal at my desk. How attractive and yummy does this look? :p

      This and a banana did the job. (Twss).
      • Jonah Hill looks odd at all weights.
      • Cake!
      • And look at who is getting along 24% of the time! Yay!

      Ugh, I hate skinny people watching me eat
      That's ma rant!! Have a nice weekend!


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