Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last weekend Pete & I wanted to get outside and take advantage of the warm temperatures and explore somewhere new. Pete did a little research and discovered a state park on Long Island called the Caleb Smith State Park Reserve.

Old house on the hill
It was so nice to be outside in the fresh air and to just feel like winter is finally starting to end (even though its barely been that cold this year). Our surroundings were so pretty filled with dead trees, a pond and little random bridges and footpaths everywhere.

This park had a number of different trails, the longest being 3.2 miles. We wandered around mixing and matching different trails and then started getting nervous as the sun sank into the western horizon and all hope was lost... as lost as our two souls were. LOL Nah dawg, it's ok.. we made it out just fine!

This isn't the least bit confusing
Pete is home!

We're a little out of shape
 It was so Peachful peaceful to be outside and one with nature. I kept saying to Pete that I wanted to drive out here and think about my life all the time. I even found the perfect place to do it:
My thinkin' stump

I really enjoyed our day out together! I always love spending time with the hubby :) <3 Mushy mush mush :D


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