Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi! Look at that... 2posts 1week! ;)

This morning, I was up super early again (5:45) to move my car due to water main construction. ICK. They declare: No Parking 6a-6p. Because of this, lots of people don't even bother parking here overnight, leaving lots of parking for people who are willing to wake up BEFORE DAWN. (Isn't that a Twilight book?) 

Last night I did tons o' laundry and was loving all the parking on my block. After I lugged both gigantic bags into my apartment, I didn't feel like moving my car to where I'd have to walk back about 6 blocks in a sort of darkish, scary area. So I decided I'd move the car in the morning since it would force my butt to the gym.

It worked! Barely. Yay! I was rewarded with a pretty sunrise on my way home.

pretty white van. sunrise over the cemetery...maybe i shouldn't post this one

Afterwards, I made myself some eggs and attempted to get some good shots of Lucy. She is always so quick to run away around and will walk towards the camera if you're standing there. I think I got a *few* good ones.



Last week, Emily & I finally crossed 16 Handles off our summer to do list. yea.. summer to-do.

ZOMG it was sooo good!

For those who are unaware, it is a frozen yogurt joint that has 16 different flavors on hand at all times. They let you taste some before making your final decision.

I think between me & Emily, we tried all of them haha!! I ultimately went with NY Cheese cake  & Birthday cake (which I am not normally a fan of, but omgosh... so good!) And the toppings!! This place puts Red Mango to shame!

I mean, there are little jelly ring cups & rainbow cookies on here! mmmm. I can't wait to go back!


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