Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Wrap Up

Hey! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Festivus!  I know it's all over. This month has been super duper busy. My job has been insane - I've been working multiple nights until 9:30-10pm!! Ah! And just the general hustle and bustle of the holiday season has been so crazy this year! Time flew by and I was barely ready in time for Christmas Eve. Pete baked up a storm. An insane, sugary, wonderful, variety storm. I wrapped endlessly. Whew!

I think I'm just going to have some random babbles here. Ready? :
1) I went more than once to the Toys R Us in Times Square since it is 3 blocks from my office. Luckily once was early in the season and the other around 10pm, so both times weren't too insane.

My favorite thing about this Toys R Us is the giant T Rex on the second floor. This thing moves and roars and is pretty scary! And pretty awesome.

I also enjoyed the lifesized lego people. They had Captain Jack Sparrow, and tons of NYC skyline buildings. I wonder how long they took to build??

I also like "Frank Sinatra Barbie". I mean, what? I showed this picture to Pete and he was like "Boy, Sinatra's got quite a feminine body"... THEN he realized it was Barbie. LOL


3) During Christmas shopping times, I saw this poor fella. He was just standing there, naked in the store. So I gave him the coat off my back.

Then Pete knocked him out.

4) I helped my sister celebrate her birthday by organizing a boozy birthday brunch down near Wall Street at a place called Smorgas.

I swear it is so picturesque down there. I felt like I was on a movie set!
L-R Jill, Stacey, Me, Dianna

Sisters <3

Amusing bathroom sign
I found this place to be quite charming. It was small inside so I was glad I made reservations and that we were only a group of 4 people. I would not recommend it for any larger groups.  

The four of us managed to have a lovely time. We all ordered unlimited champagne & the server brought us over endless bottles of the bubbly and mixers. There was the traditional orange juice for mimosas and peach juice & some lingonberry jam that you could put in your drink as well. It was a tasty combo! The food was pretty darn good too. I'd definitely go back to this place!

5) Photo shoots with Brandon

6) One of Pete's Christmas gift to me was tickets to see Seth MacFarlane at the Highline Ballroom.  For those of you unfamiliar, Seth is the creator of Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show. He also released an album recently of classic standard music which I am a big fan of!

The show was Seth accompanied with a 16 piece band.

I think Seth sounded great! Way better than on his album actually. He seemed more relaxed and like he was having a bit more fun just being up on stage, singing, and having some Jack D lol.

It was a really great night out. :)

That's all I have pictures of at the moment. I want to create some 2012 New Years goals. I'll be going that later this week. Enjoy the last week of 2011!


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