Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Round Up

I wanted to share some of my Christmas photos!! I only snapped a few... my camera wound up dying one day. Plus it can be challenging photographing children.. They keep wiggling around!

The day before Christmas eve, Pete baked up a storm. Actually, he baked all week. Tuesday he made bar cookies, Thursday he made cookie doughs and Friday was spent baking everything off, icing things, cutting up bar cookies etc. I did so many dishes OMG.

Peach helped Daddy with the baking.

Lucy helped me wrap up the remaining presents.

Christmas Eve we went to Pete's sister's house. The tree was gorgeous and dinner yummy.

After dinner we attemped to build our first gingerbread house. Um... it didn't go so well!!

"you broke the wall!!"

Boy that icing is in there. Don't pop a vein!!!

Clearly Ella and I were focused on a photoshoot.

Who knew 2 adults, a crafty 10 year old and a 3 year old offering moral support couldn't get this to work!? I think we didnt let the foundation set. It kept falling apart and walls broke, it was a mess!! Habitat for Humanity houses are easier to build.

Sad sad sad.
Merry Chirstmas LOL.

Christmas Day and the next day were spent with my family and I don't really have any pictures from that since I left my camera at home. Lovely. But really, both days were super nice.

Here is our tree!

Peach enjoying the tree.
Last year we got a bunch of cute "First Married Christmas" ornaments.

This year I added a baking marshmellow. Not quite as cool as Mallowchrist. And some Rudolph. Love me some Rudolph!!

We tried to hang this kitty hot dog off the tree, but it was too heavy.

Finally- isn't this the cutest little thing ever? It's a bow for your Bath & Body soap!! Ahh! Love cute crap. :)

Hope you had a fantastic holiday!


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