Monday, October 10, 2011

The Return of Miss Janice

Greetings! Why is it that whenever I blog lately, I'm watching trash television? I am on my couch watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kim's Fairytale Wedding. That is a mouthful. I don't care, I'm down with the Kardashians... particularly Khloe & Kourtney :)

I'm about half way through the TWO HOUR ordeal event and so far, my favorite part is when Kris gets a facelift. She is in the waiting room with her 4 kids and Kris' best friends come to cheer her on. I was particularly struck by her friend, Lisa!

I always wondered what happened to Miss Janice!

Anymuppet, I woke up at a decent hour on Sunday and broke out my
Body by Bethenny DVD that Pete bought me for my birthday! I've done this once before when it was On Demand on cable and really enjoyed it. It promptly disappeared from cable the next day.

I always love how I feel after yoga. I feel empowered, strong and flexible (I am generally SOO unflexible!!) I'm always surprised at what I am capable of achieving and just love the overall feeling when I am done. Plus Bethenny cracks me up.

Later in the day, Pete & I went to BJ's Wholesale Club to pick up 40lbs of cat liter, enough Brita water filters for the year, and this baby:

Yayay! I love Chobani. Although my two favorites are pineapple and black cherry. I wish they made big packs with those flavors!

We ended the night relaxing on the couch with Peach :)

Later, when Peach was sick of Daddy petting her, she went to go have a 3 legged nap.

LOL She cracks me up!


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